Fleur Pierets is a bestselling writer, an artist and an award winning human rights speaker. She talks and writes about the importance of investigating which boundaries are ours, and which are a social construction. About positive advocacy, protest art and the need to look more often at what binds us than at what keeps us apart.

She talks at consulates and embassies worldwide and at companies like Google and WeWork in New York, about the work she and her wife did as a female artist couple. About their online publication Et Alors? Magazine, the importance of inclusion, of completing the wedding performance piece, and the need to keep on working as a human rights advocate by launching bridge-building projects.

The keynote is an invitation and a dialogue about responsibility and how you can effect change in the world through positive communication.

In 2023 she’s was invited by the EU and the UN to talk about LGBTQ human rights during IDAHOT in Washington.

For speaking inquiries info@jfpierets.com

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“One of the most inspiring and inspirational talks I have ever heard.”

– Bowi Fracelli, New York University.

“Fleur Pierets is a true and authentic performer. She takes you on a rollercoaster from happyness to sadness and back again, meanwhile learning you the most wondrous things about protest art and individual contributions to a better world.”

Frank de Baere, Google Europe

“Pierets is an analytical and a poetic writer and speaker. She regroups, rearranges and aligns both memories, as well as facts about human rights. She skillfully creates a beautiful collage.”

– De Standaard Newspaper.

“As one of the first books about lesbian love and grief, Julian is (finally) filling a gap in our awareness. Beautifully and very intelligently written. Must read.”

– ZIZO magazine


“JULIAN is wonderful, which I know is strange to say about grief, but feeling and writing are two different things and the book is swift, lean and moving.”

– Siri Hustvedt, writer