Blueprint Study 1

In 2015, we had a conversation with photographer Meg Allen for publication in Et Alors? Magazine. Hearing many people talk about the challenges of being gay, which we will never contradict, Meg however said something that triggered our minds: ’I feel very lucky to be born a gay person in a straight privileged world. I feel it gives us license to look differently at tradition and the way society wants you to be. It allows us to reinvent ourselves constantly, because there is no set path that we have to follow.’

It made us think about the possibility of invention, about a lack of blueprint that can lead to either frustration or joy. When you’re gay, people don’t expect you to follow the set course of life they hold high for a straight  person. There are not the same expectations, nor is there the assumption that you will automatically settle for a stereotypical heteronormative lifestyle.

The Blueprint studies are our way of exploring a parallel world where everything is possible. Where we celebrate the liberty it brings to be aware of other options instead of trying to fit in.