Standing motion.

(experiments – afterthoughts)

In may 2021 I went to Spain for two months to write the story of West. An opera I am planning with some amazing people (to be continued). Like most of my work, this story too, is about transformation, about activism and the equilibrium between knowing when to act, and when to come to a halt. Between knowing when to accept and when it’s time to demonstrate your contempt for acceptance. In Spain I was able to spend a lot of time with my ideas and I thought about movement – as in moving through things – and transformation by the choices that we make. But also movement as in nature growing by itself, and nature’s elements forcing things into different forms and shapes.
I started filming flowers, trees but also objects, in standing movement. In moving while keeping put.
I combined these images with sound fragments from some of my favorite movies about transformation. Movies where the protagonists are searching to move on or come to a halt, and looking for magic.
As is West. As am I.

The movie sound fragments are from:
The Addiction – Abel Ferrara
Stigmata – Rupert Wainwright
Fur – Steven Shainberg
Birth – Jonathan Glazer
Lady in the Water – M. Night Shyamalan