When we move through the world we bring all our history with us, all the people who paved the way and all those who left their mark merely by their proximity in your life. ‘I go forth alone, and stand as ten thousand,’ Maya Angelou proclaimed in her poem Our Grandmothers.

We are the sum of our family, our surroundings, but also of what we read, what we see and the people we encounter. Are you conscious about the layers that add to your personality, or does it happen automatically?

In the performance Transit, Fleur Pierets locked herself up, alone, in her friends’ house for a week. She didn’t leave the place and wore her friends’ clothes, ate her food, slept in her bed, watched the movies on her personal Netflix list, read her books and answered her phone, pretending to be her.

In this performance Pierets was processing identity information based on incoming data from the environment to form a perception. In order to experience how it actually feels to consciously add some new building stones to who you are.